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Financial advice for the next generation of wealth builders

Get Good With Money

Sound Advice is a mobile app that makes smart wealth-building advice available to everyone. No matter how much you make or how much you have, money can work for you, too.

Unlike fancy financial advisors, our guidance comes with absolutely no strings attached and without commissions or crazy high price tags.

What You’ll Get

Get the know-how and how-to that you need to achieve your money goals.

Step-by-step financial plans

Get small, actionable to-dos to help you stay on track and accomplish your goals.

Made for you. Always personalized

This isn’t generic advice you find on TikTok. Get personalized money advice based on your situation.

Connect with real experts

Work one-on-one with vetted financial experts to answer quick questions or dive into the details.

Rich With Possibility

Today is the day. Stop stressing and start feeling good about money with unlimited advice and made-just-for-you plans from our vetted, real-life Money Mentors. We’re ready to meet you – and your financial goals – exactly where you are.

Sound Advice is the answer for people like me who don’t have the means to hire a dedicated financial advisor.

Sarah B.

Tampa, FL

You made it this far. LFG!

It’s a new world of wealth. And you belong there.


What is Sound Advice?

Sound Advice is a mobile app designed for a new generation of wealth builders. We offer trusted, personalized financial advice that is designed especially for those who have been left behind by traditional financial institutions and their high-priced products.

We believe that – no matter how much money you have – there is always something you can be doing to build wealth.

Through the Sound Advice app, you are provided personalized financial advice tailored specifically to you by Certified Financial Pros, free from conflicts of interest and expensive products that are common in the financial services industry.

The Sound Advice Philosophy

Traditionally, the world of wealth has been exclusive to those who could afford expensive investment products and personalized financial advice.
We think that’s bullsh*t. Money is for everyone. So we built Sound Advice to share the wealth.


It doesn’t matter how much you make or how much you have, money can work for you, too. All it takes is some sensible guidance and small actions, employed with consistency, to put your money to work for you and grow over time. That’s what we are here for—to give you the advice you need to build wealth in today’s world.

No barriers. No exceptions. No strings attached. Today is the day.

The Sound Advice Promise

At Sound Advice, we are committed to providing objective, transparent, and ethical financial advice to our users, with no hidden fees or the upselling of loans, insurance, or investment products.

 We will always prioritize our users’ financial well-being and the protection of their personal data. We promise to never sell nor profit from the strategies and solutions we provide.

How does Sound Advice work?

Sound Advice delivers money motivation, new-world investment ideas, and personalized recommendations to help you strengthen your relationship with money to ensure you have enough of it to lead a life you love.

We can help you figure out the fastest way to pay off your student loans, how to plan so you can take a year off to travel, or maybe just do something smarter with that $20 you were about to spend on takeout. From strategies for managing credit/debt, budgeting, investing, navigating employee benefits, crypto, taxes, and more, Sound Advice has you covered. No product sales—just the advice you need to build a life you love. We’re standing by and ready to help you with just the tap of a finger.


Professional financial advice is for EVERYONE. So, we flipped the model on its head and provide it for less than the cost of a Netflix subscription.

  • Get started with your first plan for free
  • Pay Monthly: $16.25 per month ($195.00 annual cost)
  • Pay Annually: $13.00 per month ($156.00 annual cost) Save 20%!

For each annual subscription, Sound Advice will donate $1 to charity in support of 1871, a technology incubator helping tech entrepreneurs innovate and build extraordinary businesses.

Iykyk. We know wealth.
And we’ll tell you everything.


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